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We were on the move through the 1970s. The team hit a gold mine of major trips during the 1970s. The decade included two unforgettable trips to Taiwan in 1972 and 1978. The girls of the 1970s set the trend for the new style of uniforms. A solid core of dedicated girls devoted their summers to hours of practice. They were rewarded with trips to Disneyland and other places in California in 1973 and 1977.

The drummers kept the team marching into the 1970s. The left accent provided by a traditional bass drum. Brass cymbols highlighted the contrast, was added to further stylize the marching. Most can still remember the beat. The sound was heard at the World Expo in Spokane and echoed at the Grand Opening of the Kingdome. This famous beat can be heard in the Hollywood movie The Parallax View, starring Warren Beatty and Paula Prentiss. The beat continued into the 25th anniversary in 1977.

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