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The distant sound of drum beats could be heard from blocks away. Finally, the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team came into view: Dozens of young girls marching to the drum beat, dressed in beautiful bright red uniforms that caught and reflected the afternoon sun.

During the past five years, it was difficult at times to perform with the standard eight squads, and sometimes only six went out. However, the perseverance of the team paid off with numerous first place trophies and acknowledgements.

When not busy whipping hair into buns or applying Ruby Red lipstick, the girls happily enjoyed themselves at vacation spots such as Vancouver, B.C., San Francisco and Disneyland. Although the experiences encountered may not have seemed funny at the time, memories have a way of adding humor to unexpected. One example was the time the team marched in the annual San Francisco Chinatown Parade in the early spring of 1991. The Seattle climate followed the girls to relieve the California drought. The price was marching through torrents of rain that left everyone soaked and exhausted. It resulted in higher than normal parade invitations during subsequent dry spells!

The team also had the privilege of appearing on cable television's USA channel in the fall of 1991.

Drum beats continue. This sound marks 40 years of tradition, dedication, and pride and will continue to beat for a long time to come.

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