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Entering a fifth decade and a new millennium, the drill team welcomes a new generation, the third, in a long tradition of "women warriors." Typical of previous decades, fundraising continues for a new set of uniforms, bus and van. The girls are also busy earning dollars for their Disneyland trip. Gently teased by old timers who remember reporting for 8 a.m. to noon practices, traveling by creaky drill team bus, sleeping on gym floors and eating mounds of bare baloney sandwiches for days on end, the more recent teams, including the golden anniversary team, travel to California by plane and stay in hotels. The informal tradition of telling rookies, "When I was in drill team." firmly ensconces itself.

While old timers consider today's drill team girl as not having it as "tough" as they did, the girls of today have many more choices of activities available than their predecessors. Those who choose to join the drill team earn kudos for stepping forward to undergo the training and discipline required to represent the community as part of a precision marching unit.

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