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Since its inception, the Chinese Community Girls Drill Team has won top honors from every major regional parade, such as the Grand Sweepstakes in Seattle's Seafair Torchlight, the Olympia Lakefair, the West Seattle Hi-Yu, the Omak Stampede and the Lake City Pioneer Days. Outside of Washington state, the team has appeared in the Rose Festival, the Vancouver, B.C. PNE, Disneyland, Sea World, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Chinatown New Year's Parade.

Not only has the team performed for charitable organizations, conventions and special celebrations, it has also been featured on TV programs such as "Kids World," "You Asked For It," "How Come?" and USA Network's "In A Minute." Additionally, the team appeared with Warren Beatty in the movie Parallax View. The drill team's cookbook Flavors of China was featured in a 1980 issue of the Ladies Home Journal.

In 1972 and 1978, the team represented Washington state as goodwill ambassadors in the inaugural celebrations of the president of the Republic of China in Taiwan.

Among the numerous publications depicting the team are: a past phone book, the book Seattle, the 2002 Chinatown ID Summer Festival, local newspapers and Popular Photography magazine. Now in its fifth decade, the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team continues to represent and serve the Northwest as a crowd-pleasing, prize-winning, precision-marching unit.

The inspiration award was established in 1974 in memory of Margie Wah, a drill team whose life ended prematurely. Each year, drill team members vote for the girl who best exempli-fies the qualities that Margie demonstrated—caring, commitment, and selflessness. The name of each honoree is engraved on a perpetual plaque. The winner also receives an individual plaque with her name on it.

1974 Sharon Mar
1975 Kerry Lung
1976 Chrissy Chinn
1977 Lori Lung
1978 Nancy Lum
1979 Sue May Eng
1980 Carla Lew
1981 Sheryl Chinn
1982 Cindy Eng
1983 Donna Lee
1984 Joanna Eng
1985 Angie Chin
1986 Dede Leung
1987 Teri Tsuchiya
1988 Dorene Lim
1989 Ginny Eng
1990 Susan Yang
1991 Jacy Chin
1992 Trang Huynh
1993 Marianne Wong
1994 Cherianne Lee
1995 Tiana Chinn
1996 Lindsay Mar
1997 Kimberlee Pasion
1998 Janelle Yeung
1999 Vanessa Wong
2000 Nicole Chinn
2001 Perla Josué
2005 Stephanie Ngo
2006 Jennifer Gee
2007 Melissa Leung
2008 Tia Sonsouphap
2009 Melanie Ma
2010 Ashley Williams
2011 Carly Yamamoto

Established in 1979, this scholarship is in memory of Lin Lee. Lin was a drill team member from 1955-1957. Upon her death, her sister-in-law, Gloria Lum Lee, suggested to Lin's husband that a fitting tribute to her achievements would be to establish a memorial scholarship fund for a drill team senior. After a few months of arrangements, the fund was established in September 1979. The first scholarship was awarded in December 1980 and is awarded during those years the team has graduating high school seniors.

1980 Carla Lew
1980 Shirley Tasanasanta
1981 Sheryl Chinn
1981 Letitia Wong
1982 Sandy Chinn
1982 Joanna Eng
1983 Tracy Yen
1984 Jodina Lim
1985 Millie Pang
1985 Monica Pasion
1986 Sheryl Gee
1986 Dede Leung
1987 Angie Chin
1989 Ginny Eng
1989 Teri Tsuchiya
1990 Nga Hue Luu
1991 Pam Marr
1993 Marianne Wong
1994 Jacy Chin
1995 Cherianne Lee, Jendi Watson
1996 Janelle Yeung
1996 Lindsay Mar
1997 Tiana Chinn, Kimberly Pasion

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