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Ruby Chow
Ruby ChowRuby Chow started the drill team in 1952. She also spearheaded many fundraising campaigns to purchase four sets of uniforms, three drill team buses, and the donation of a drill team van. She arranged two trips to Taiwan for the team. As director from 1952-1965 she will always be remembered as a "tough lady with a heart of gold and RUBY RED LIPS!" Uncle Ping helped balance out the hundreds of sandwiches with great chow mein and fried rice. He also got his Chinese opera friends to perform with him to raise funds for uniforms and a bus. The team effort of this couple laid a solid foundation for the community team and eventual parent and volunteer support group.

Art Lum
Art Lum Art Lum's involvement with the drill team began in the mid-60s as a parent. Due to his enthusiasm and devotion to the drill team, he became drill director in 1980. He also served as CPSO president for more than 20 years.

Under his leadership, funds were raised for the team to travel abroad, to the East Coast and Southern California. He spearheaded sales of the famous "Flavors of China" cookbook. He played a major role in the purchase of a van, bus and the latest set of uniforms. He also assisted in establishing the annual Lin Lee Memorial Scholarship, awarded since 1980.

Cheryl Chow
Cheryl ChowCheryl Chow started her career with the drill team at age 6 as the official team mascot. In her tenure she was a banner girl, drummer, marcher, and captain. When she "grew up" she did a short stint as director/instructor for three years and has been the lead instructor (and disciplinarian) since 1970.

She has helped initiate teaching the girls Chinese cultural dances such as the lion and ribbon dances. She has also created opportunities and activities for girls to promote leadership skills, communication and discussion sessions among the girls. Slumber parties for the girls are also combined with bowling, swimming parties, afternoons at Wild Waves and other friendship building activities for the age range of 11 to 18 year old girls and young women.

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